Friday, February 10, 2012

Black Jack's Crossing at Lajitas TX Golf Resort

The Family
This Past Thanksgiving (Nov. 2011). Starting Golf at a very young age. Can you believe how fast Mason has grown? I look back at my blog and it seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with him. I love this kid so much. He is full of life. Alway smiling!
Ryan has a natural talent for golf, His whole family plays so we took a mini trip for thanksgiving and we all got to play on a beautiful course. It turned out to be an all day event, Mason found it fun to chase after the balls on the green. I enjoyed driving the golf cart around.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mason Monthly Pictures 0-4months

Mason is a joy, He is slowly growing each month, His personality coming out more every day. I love at the end of a long hard day to come home to his smile and baby talking to Mommy. Being a mom is exciting but challenging in its own way. I am so grateful for Mason and the love he brings to our little family. He is a cutie pie. He is just now in 3-6 month clothes. still wearing newborn pants.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome Home Son

Mason came home on august 14th, he only had to be in NICU for 10 days. It seemed a lot longer but looking back it wasn't. We are so glad he is home, healthy, and growing. Being a Preemie baby he is needing extra care , he needs his sleep, so he is on a schedule to help with this. He gets his bottle every 3-4 hours and sleeps in between. We limit playtime and keep clean so he doesnt get sick. Being a mom is rewarding but like every mom has told me tiring. Mason is our pride and joy, we couldnt ask for a better baby. My incision from the c-section is getting better, still healing, glad the infection has gone away but that is why it is taking so long to heal.
Exciting things are coming up....My parents are coming to visit for a few sister will be here in September for 2 weeks... and My Little Brother will be here in October for a short weekend right before he leaves on his mission to the Philippines. Now all i need to do is get Jon here!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arrival of Baby Mason Agustin Ferreiro

On Wednesday August 4th, 5:13pm Mason Agustin Ferreiro was born. All day he was on the monitor because his heart rate kept dipping every 30 minutes or so. By that afternoon around 2pm my obgyn Doctor Moser, came in and told me that if he keeps doing this and if it get worse we would be having a baby tonight or tomorrow on the 5th. At 4:30ish i called my nurse,Tammy, to refill my water cup, when she came back I asked her how likely she thought I would be having Mason tonight. She said its not likely, that it would happen tomorrow if the doctor felt things weren't right. Five minutes later Mason's heart rate fell dropped so low it went off the monitor and the screen started flashing red, and 5 nurses came running into my room, Tammy moved me from my right side to my left side and tried to find mason's heart beat again, called code red, and paged my doctor, while the other nurses put oxygen mask on me and put an iv in my hand and striped me naked. She found a faint heart beat and called my husband for me, Ryan happened to be in Houston and just left an hour before to come home, so he was on the road back. My doctor came in and said we have to get mason out right now, sorry we cant wait for your husband. (this was the one thing I didn't want to have happen for both me delivering alone and for Ryan to miss this part). Emergnacy C-Section:They wheeled me to the operating room, gave me the epidural from chest down, which made me laugh....then they got start, because Ryan wasn't there one nurse had my camera and took pictures of everything, and Tammy my nurse had my cell phone 0n speaker and told Ryan everything that was going on as she sat by my side. Mason's first cry Ryan and I got to hear and made us both cry...our son is a fighter and made it out alive! My placenta gave out, and my doctor hasn't seen one that bad in over 10 years, it was very small and half of it was gray/green which means part of its been dead for a while. Mason is a miracle baby from day one of this pregnancy i have had problems. I feel so blessed to have him here with us today. He is still in NICU one week later but he is going to be OK.

Friday, July 30, 2010

34 weeks in hospital

Mel in hospital on Bed restMason on heart monitor and Mel being monitored for Contractions
Feet pumps to prevent blood clots Oh what a pregnancy this has been,
Monday July 26th at 1:15pm I had a doctor's appointment with My OBGYN and we did lab tests and a 24 hour urine sample. Mason was 3 lbs 5oz still under weight but everything else was looking good. Tuesday July 27th, my Doctor called me around 9:45am with the results of all my tests, I had to much protein in my urine which is a sure sign of preeclampsia, related with my high blood pressure. So that was the icy on the cake and off to the hospital for the remain pregnancy. Also because Mason is IUGR(medical term for small growing baby), I now have either Celiac disease or a wheat allergy, too many things causing a high risk pregnancy.
After getting settled in on Tuesday, Wednesday morning I was have minor contractions and Mason and I were put on the monitor all day. every 2 to 3 contractions Mason's heart would drip really low, meaning something isn't working correctly with my placenta. after a few hours and a sonogram it cleared up, but next time this happens we will be having a c-section. At this point a vaginal birth is out of the question because if minor contractions are having an effect on his heart major ones will only be a lot worse. I got 2 steroid shots to help develop his lungs faster, taking each day as it comes and could have a little one today or no later the August 25th, 38 weeks along. I am excited to have my little miracle baby here and enjoy the blessings of being a mom. I am grateful for a loving husband who is so supportive. I don't know what i would do without him and of course my amazing family.
I am Hospital bed rest, but I can walk around (which gets me out of my room). We go on the monitor 3 times a day, we get 2 sonograms a week as well.

Preggo 32 weeks

32 weeks preggo
Growing and feeling lots of pains, my hips hurt. Mason is a little over 3 lbs, still small but everything is looking good.

Monday, June 28, 2010


24 weeks preggo
28 weeks preggo

Well this has not been an easy pregnancy at all. Last Thursday evening we went to the hospital because i was bleeding, and shorty after getting there started to have contractions every 5 minutes apart. I was not in active Labor so we were monitored for 4 hours and given meds to decrease the contractions twice then sent home on bed rest. still had 11 weeks to go. Now everything is fine but it has been scary. I am just so glad that I have such a great supporting husband through all of this. I am so excited for Mason Augustine to come into my arms in September. He is a fighter that is for sure.